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I have been a florist since 2008. I always believed that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body, until I started working with flowers. Since then I started seeing the different colours and styles of flowers, the shapes of the flower head and the way the stems twist and turn. Even ordinary sticks, branches and leaves become an artwork once used in an arrangement. 

Every flower is an opportunity to be creative and to do something unique. Every occasion can be complimented by the flowers and even the most plain, down-to-earth party, can be changed into a dramatic, stunning function. Flowers can change the whole atmosphere of a function. Working and creating with flowers, is very rewarding, but the best reward is seeing a person’s face when you create something which they only visualized in their mind. It is a privilege to work with flowers. Flowers are a blessing and hence the motto “spread the blessing and be blessed”. 

I am looking forward to be of service to you and to help you find the style and theme best suited to your unique personality!